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Syren’s Song: A Connor Stark Novel, Claude Berube

Syren’s Song is the second novel featuring Connor Stark. This geopolitical thriller begins when the Sri Lankan navy is unexpectedly attacked by a resurgent and separatist Tamil Tiger organization. The government issues a letter of marque to former US Navy officer Connor Stark, now the head of the private security company, Highland Maritime Defense. Stark and his eclectic compatriots accept the challenge only to learn that the Sea Tigers, who crippled the Sri Lankan navy, are no ordinary terrorists. With new allies and new enemies, Stark and company face terrorism, war, conspiracy, and murder.

Claude Berube has taught at the US Naval Academy, worked at the Office of Naval Intelligence and the US Senate, and as an officer in the Navy Reserve deployed overseas. He has been a fellow with both the Brookings Institution and Heritage Foundation, and is the author of three non-fiction books and The Aden Effect, the first book in the Conner Stark series. Books will be available for purchase.

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