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Practise to Deceive: Learning Curves of Military Deception Planners by Barton Whaley, A. Denis Clift

Written by the undisputed dean of US denial and deception experts, Practise to Deceive is the most in-depth look at deception as a military strategy. Barton Whaley knew the history of denial and deception across time, disciplines, and culture. He was the foremost authority on the intricacies of denial and deception strategy and tactics. For Whaley, deception was a mind-game, requiring imagination, deep critical thought, a profound understanding of the enemy as well as one’s self (a variation of Sun Tzu), and patience and fortitude. This book presents 88 vividly descriptive case studies to serve as a handbook for intelligence and military professionals. In Whaley’s analysis, variations in guilefulness between opposing individuals or groups can be crucial in deciding who achieves victory in combat.

Barton Whaley, who passed away in 2013, received his BA in Chinese studies from the University of California, Berkeley before serving with the intelligence section of US Army Psychological Warfare headquartered in Tokyo during the Korean War. Following the war, he attended London University School of Oriental and African Studies before receiving his PhD at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Denis Clift, a graduate of Stanford University and the University of London's London School of Economics, is Vice President for Planning and Operations of the United States Naval Institute. Clift is a former naval officer, President Emeritus of the National Defense Intelligence College and has served in military and civilian capacities in the administrations of 11 successive presidents. He is the author of several books, both fiction and non-fiction, and is co-author of The Oxford Handbook of National Security Intelligence. Books will be available for purchase.

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