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The DNA Guide for Adoptees Co-Authors, Brianne Kirkpatrick and Shannon Combs Bennett

Co-authors, Brianne Kirkpatrick and Shannon Combs-Bennett have worked with family, friends, and clients using DNA testing in family searches. The melding of their minds as a genetic counselor and a genealogist led to a book covering a wide range of DNA topics for the audience of people using DNA for

The DNA Guide for Adoptees: How to use genealogy and genetics to uncover your roots, connect with your biological family and better understand your medical history is a go-to reference guide for adoptees to uncover their roots, connect with their biological family, and better understand their medical history. This book will also help others in search of their genetic origins. 

Brianne Kirkpatrick, MS, LCGC, is a licensed and certified genetic counselor with a medical genetics background specializing in the area of ancestry testing. She is the founder of Watershed DNA and has worked with clients who are impacted by adoption, donor conception, and NPE (not the parent expected) discoveries. Presenter, Shannon Combs-Bennett, QG, PLCGS, is an author and lecturer within the genealogical community. She writes and speaks nationally and internationally on a variety of traditional genealogy topics and genetic genealogy and is founder and owner of Trials and Tribulations (T2) Family History where she works with clients to solve their genealogical, and genetic, questions. She earned her BS in biology and is currently earning her MSc in Genealogic, Heraldic, and Paleographic Studies. Shannon’s book Genealogy Basics in 30 Minutes won the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Silver Award and the Mother’s Choice Award for hobby books in 2017.