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A Hope and A Future: Images from the Lives of Refugees, Constance de Bordenave

The artist will describe her response to the ongoing refugee crisis through her art. She will cover the creation of the series “Reaching Toward a Hope and a Future” which includes images from the lives of refugees as they journey toward a better life. This series has travelled to ten libraries across Virginia during the past two years. The artist will also share information from her trip to Europe during the summer of 2018 to visit refugees and refugee agencies.

Constance de Bordnave grew up next door to Thomas Balch Library and many of her happiest childhood memories took place here. She has been a painter since childhood, inheriting her artistic abilities from her father Winslow Williams and her grandmother Pauline Winslow. Constance graduated from Sweet Briar College with a major in Art History. For twenty years she was a
jewelry designer and silversmith. For the past ten years she has been painting portraits and figurative art. Her work reflects the worth and dignity of her subjects: in the case of this series, the families, children, and nations affected by the refugee crisis.